Client Testimonials

I found the coaching sessions with Rebecca very helpful. Rebecca encouraged me to identify and clarify what I wanted to achieve when thinking about starting to work for myself. Rebecca gently challenged my negative thoughts and enabled me to examine alternative points of view which meant I was able to see a different and more positive scenario. This process was very helpful and I felt encouraged to get on with the actions I had identified and to be able to report back on progress made each week. I enjoyed the coaching sessions and found them quite empowering. I didn’t really have anyone else to talk to in depth about my ideas and it was good to have someone who had the time to work with me on this, help me to set goals and work towards achieving them.


I thoroughly enjoyed Rebecca’s sessions. I felt supported in her questioning and she really raised my awareness to my situations. Through her sessions I really started to make progress in both my work and family life…. Which was exciting to see my goals being realised.Rebecca’s approach was always warm and I felt at ease talking to her. even from the first session about personal and professional aspects of my life. I also felt invigorated after our sessions, ready to take on the challenge of change. Rebecca made me feel understood and always treated my concerns with respect. I would happily hire Rebecca again as a coach in the future.


I found the 5 sessions I had with Rebecca to be very helpful and insightful. They helped me develop new ways to grow my book of business and think more clearly about working smarter to gain more business from existing clients. Overall I found Rebecca’s coaching to be very useful in helping me achieve my goals


Rebecca helped me to identify some areas that I needed to focus on and having a regular catch up really helped me to ensure I was moving forward and not stagnating, which I had been doing prior to the coaching.  I found Rebecca to be very professional as a coach, we agreed that I would like and need to be challenged where necessary as I would likely look for ways to get out of things. Rebecca was great at picking me up on these things and reminding me why I was doing what I was doing, she encouraged me and gave me the support I needed, her understanding and firm but fair approach was perfect for me.


The coaching enabled me to gain clarity and an action plan for the following areas:

  1. What I wanted from my business
  2. lifestyle/work life balance
  3. Business priorities
  4. Business development ideas – areas to focus on and approach
  5. Clarity for my strategy on LinkedIn
  6. Office move, priorities, challenges and plan


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